The greatest scalability, in the cloud

The scalability It is the capacity of the infrastructure to grow at the same time that the demand for the solutions that run on it increases. This way we can always be sure that all User requests are always resolved.

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Pay as you go

With the culture of ?pay as you use it?, your company will be able to enjoy technological infrastructure in a way flexible, using a service and paying for the resources used during the chosen time.

Under this approach with Google Cloud Platform is very easy adjust to demand peaks or consumption valleys since the infrastructure is flexible to adjust to needs.

What results do we obtain?

Fit your infrastructure

This methodology allows your infrastructure don't take up resources that are not being used. On average there is a 30% of the resources that an infrastructure does not need but that were reserved due to lack of definitions that depended on future actions.

With this GCP procedure, you will be able to restructure the consumption of your resources in a way efficient, agile and scalable.

What results do we obtain?

always up

It is the methodology through which it is achieved that the services offered to users/customers, continue to perform optimally regardless of the situation they find themselves in: high user demand, connectivity problems, user experience, deployments, etc. 

What results do we obtain?

Apply CI/CD methodologies

Through this methodology you will be able to execute infrastructure and software deployments completely autonomous and automatic. As a result we have a considerable increase in speed in which the company advances.

Through this type of procedures:

  • Enable developers to be independent.
  • Developments are tested immediately and identify possible errors before. 
  • Reduces the Workload of the operational team.

What results do we obtain?

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