Secure backup with uCloud and Google Cloud

The Backup of Google Cloud Platform is a backup your files, which is stored to be used when necessary. Thus, it is possible recover information in case of disaster (data loss, ransomware, earthquake, etc.) and reduce the negative impact what this would have on your business.

What is GCP Backup and Crash Recovery?

With the Backup and the Google Cloud recovery Backups can be made of all elements of the infrastructure: configuration files, data, hard drives, logs, etc. 

Through automated systems back It is possible to establish policies that execute Backup tasks periodically, in real time or in response to an event.

The more frequent a backup less loss of information there will be with respect to the point at which service was lost.

Customer success story using GCP Backup

The Backups and the crash recovery They are key components of your company's business continuity plan. 

The North American company Etsy, dedicated to electronic commerce, used the technology of Google Cloud for protect and execute your most critical top-tier applications with the GCP backup

What were the results they obtained?

  • Server rebuild
  • RTO improvement: MySQL backups were reduced from 2/3 hours to 3 minutes.

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With the tools of GCP you have everything you need to create and scale applications. Everything in the public cloud, with Google infrastructure, and all its benefits. high security, flexibility and accessibility.


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Manage MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases automatically.


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uCloud Support
Why with a Google partner?

Service 24x7 Google Cloud Platform Support consists of a team of experts in the management and operation of the cloud Google Cloud. To be more efficient, it has a tracking system incidents built from a ticket system that allow events to be recorded reactive.

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