The insurance industry today

As in many sectors, the field of insurance is also undergoing a digital transformation. This is why the integration of the values of digitization is being the key point to consolidate a good strategy for the future in the insurance sector. This phenomenon is beginning to be known as InsurTech, a business model that focuses on simplifying the insurance buying process and knowledge of the company, and client/patient involvement through technology, both at the point of sale and on-line.

industry problems

Nowadays, insurers need to have a global vision of the client in order to advance to your needs. This implies maintaining a good bidirectional communication, be able to identify their needs and be able to offer an attractive and satisfactory solution.

The attempted fraud rate in Spain exceeds 50% of customer complaints. In recent years there has been a strong increase in fraud to insurance in Spain and its practice is becoming more professional, a circumstance that has put companies on alert.

Another problem facing the sector is the difficulty to do customer follow-up in a closer, individualized and constant way. This is due to the lack of tools that allow them to communicate with them online.

Although many insurers are starting to go digital or already are, many do not have cyber security or tools that protect sensitive customer data. This makes them vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.

The solution: Google Cloud for Insurers

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Soluciones G Suite personalizadas para todos los sectores. Visita ahora.

G Suite (Google Professional Email)

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Soluciones GCP personalizadas para todos los sectores. Explora ahora

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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chromebook computer

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video conferencing devices

Success stories in Insurance

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Soluciones de Google Cloud para aseguradoras AXA. Explora ahora.

"Thanks to Search Ads 360 we are able to align the search campaign strategy to business needs and objectives, allowing us to obtain greater profitability from the medium"

? Fernando Rellánz, E-Sales Manager - AXA

AXA and Google Cloud

Find out how using Search Ads 360 made AXA improve its search campaign strategy.

?When we sent out surveys to get feedback on the new chat bot, it turned out that customers loved it. By the end of that year it was so popular that it was already handling 60 % of customer interactions on digital channels?

?Juan Larrauri Díaz, Digital Strategy Manager - Mutua Madrileña

Mutua Madrileña and Google Cloud

Discover how Mutua Madrileña increased its interactions and queries successfully resolved on its website, with Google Cloud.

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